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We believe the pursuit of education is a human right, and aim to open doors for members of our community, at any age and any level of education. The Naija Nation Legacy Foundation was born of Nigerian minds for the greater African Diaspora. Check out the links below to apply for scholarships, or help us in supporting our fellow community members by generously donating to the cause.

1st Place

Chinyelu Ojukwu

Chinyelu Ojukwu is a 2nd year Psychology major at the University of Pennsylvania. Her future plans involve becoming a doctor and doing pediatric research because she’s interested in antisocial behaviorial issues in children. If given a million dollars, Ojukwu would donate to efforts to improve child and adolescent mental health in her community. “Mental health is still a very stigmatized thing that urgently needs to be destigmatized, especially in foreign communities. As a Nigerian, I know that mental health is still very stigmatized in Nigeria and for our parents. That needs to change because a lot of our youth are suffering in silence.”

2nd Place

Isaac Thomas

Isaac Thomas is a senior in Whitehouse High School in Whitehouse, Texas. Six years ago, he moved to the U.S. from Lagos. A big goal of his is to attend the University of Texas, Austin. His future goals involve getting into the field of Computer Science, going to graduate school, and becoming a Software Engineer. If he was granted a million dollars, he would put it towards a foundation that gives scholarships to help poor Nigerian students afford education and invest in STEM education. “There is a lot of talent in this world that is lost because of economic reasons, and I want this foundation to change that.”

3rd Place

Chukwunonye Bielonwu

Chukwunonye Bielonwu was born and raised in Nigeria and is now a junior at the University of Houston. He aims to be a doctor in the field of sports and exercise medicine. He holds various leadership positions in his university including Parliamentarian in the Nigerian Student Association. This student organization works to bring Nigerian students together and help them to reach their potential. If granted a million dollars, Bielonwu will give back to Nigeria by helping the less fortunate. “It’s a great thing when somebody makes a positive impact on this world.”

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Founder’s Note

A platform dedicated to serve the diverse population of the Nigerian diaspora. Naija Nation’s mission is to curate a digital space safe for its members to commune–to show love and support of our dreams, our art, and our passion. United, we can impact change in each others lives by making education affordable. Let us help you accomplish your professional goals, no matter how big or small. Help assist others through the generosity of donation and take pride in preserving the success of our community. We are Naija Nation.