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We believe the pursuit of education is a human right, and aim to open doors for members of our community, at any age and any level of education. The Naija Nation Legacy Foundation was born of Nigerian minds for the greater African Diaspora. Check out the links below to apply for scholarships, or help us in supporting our fellow community members by generously donating to the cause.

1st Place

Nnaemeka Opara

Nnaemeka Opara a freshman and an Intellegence and Cyber Operations major current freshman at the University of Southern California. His future goals involve becoming a product manager at Microsoft or Google and influence the next generation of Nigerians to make it in the STEM industry. If he was granted a million dollars, he would put it towards a foundation that supports African Americans that are interested in STEM afford education and invest in STEM education. “I want them to start early on so when they dive into their career journeys they'll have a head start, I think that will be beneficial for all Africans".

2nd Place

Blessing Afolabi

Blessing Afolabi is a senior at Michael E DeBakey High School in Houston, Texas. Her future goals involve getting into the medical field. With both of her parents being nurses and her two sisters also being in the medical field, her passion to become a Physician sparked at a young age. She went to Baylor College of Medicine Academy as a 6th grader which is where her love and curiosity for the human body grew even more. If she was granted a million dollars, she would donate a huge part to her local church that she was born & raised through to teach and give the youth more fun experiences. "I just love what they do for the community, people from all walks and struggles of life. I want to help."

3rd Place

Abira Imanke

Abira Imanke was born and raised in Somali and is now a freshman at the Illustrious Howard University. She has aimed to become a nurse since she was young and is on track as a nursing major. If granted a million dollars, she would help fund schooling and bring many more opportunities to African American students. "I want to combat racism by getting black and brown individuals to advocate for their patients."

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Founder’s Note

A platform dedicated to serve the diverse population of the Nigerian diaspora. Naija Nation’s mission is to curate a digital space safe for its members to commune–to show love and support of our dreams, our art, and our passion. United, we can impact change in each others lives by making education affordable. Let us help you accomplish your professional goals, no matter how big or small. Help assist others through the generosity of donation and take pride in preserving the success of our community. We are Naija Nation.